The story of the houseboat

Houseboat on a lake

The weather forecast predicts a warm and sunny day, you decide to wake up early to enjoy as much of the week as possible. With a yawn and a stretch, you start your day’s activities. Starting with a refreshing shower and ending with a cup of coffee.

Stepping outside into the fresh air, sun burning on your skin, you exit your home onto the starboard side, walk forward and admire the hippos singing to your ears – you are, of course, emerging from your houseboat that you rented for vacation from Avalon Steel Projects!

What is a houseboat?

These are the structural terms used to describe the parts of a houseboat: 

  • Bow – The front of the boat (which usually comes in a V-shape)
  • Stern – The back of the boat
  • Forward – Moving toward the bow
  • Aft – Moving toward the stern
  • Port – If you’re facing the front of the boat, the left side of the boat
  • Starboard – If you’re facing the front of the boat, the right side of the boat
  • Amidships – The middle of the boat
  • Beam – The widest part of the boat
  • Draft – The depth of the boat

Although everyone might have their own definition of a houseboat, it is basically a houseboat that is exactly what it says, this is a home that you can buy or rent, that floats on water. This can be as simple as a hut placed on top of a raft.

The way Avalon Steel Projects construct our houseboats sets us above and beyond our competitors. We manufacture our houseboats as a modular system, as we safely complete the bulk construction at our factory and ensure all our clients that all our vessels meet the necessary local country safety regulations. Our houseboats are ideally built for Africa’s great lakes and dams. Our downtime is quick as we manufacture, ship, and assemble our houseboats in four to eight months. We strive to provide all our clients with an experience of a lifetime.

Contact us

With that said. Call us now to get your experience of the luxury floating life! As life at a beach house isn’t close enough to the water, our houseboat can get you further off the land and into different lifestyles. Contact us at 082 5614629 or email us at and one of our staff will contact you!

We look forward to helping you become an owner of a boat that can entertain and change the way you do vacation!

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