Important Factors to Consider in the Selection of Mezzanine Floors


If you already know the advantages of mezzanine floors and have decided to add one or more mezzanine floors to your existing facility, you have taken the first step towards increasing the available space in a cost-effective manner. The next step is to consider the factors and elements below, helping you to have the relevant information at hand when requesting a quote from us.

Bigger Is Not Always Better – Decide on the Size

Although you may already have given thought to how much extra space you need, it is essential to consider the available space. Factors such as how much space should be left for the stairs and rails, how much space is needed between the floors and more must be considered. It is also important to consider the costs per square metre. It may seem as if the floor to ceiling height is sufficient to install multiple mezzanine floors, but it is essential to keep structural strength and building regulations in mind. Our consultants will work with you to determine the viability of the different designs and the cost associated with such.

Decide Why You Need More Floor Space

The purpose of the mezzanine is important. This will also determine whether you will need a single or multi-tier floor and how much of the overhead space will be taken up by the floors. Do you need storage space? Perhaps you require extra showroom space for product displays? Will you use it as a boardroom area or to add an office component to the warehouse? We have installed many types of mezzanine floors in various types of facilities and can thus help you to choose the structures most appropriate to your particular industry and intended use.

Safety First

Although it is possible to install mezzanine floors without having to make changes to the HVAC system, it is important to consider the floor to ceiling height, especially if you install multi-layers. You may need additional cooling of the building to cater to the added space usage, especially if you intend to add prefabricated walls for the division of spaces. Additional sprinkler systems may be needed to cover the different sections in the facility.

Our consultants will discuss the fire protection and safety requirements and ensure that every structure we install will meet all relevant safety, manufacturing, and fire regulations.

Protective Rails

Handrails at the stairs and appropriate height handrails must be installed to prevent people and products from accidentally falling over the edge. The type of structure and purpose will also play a role in your choice of handrails. Such balustrades will fit particular environments such as retail facilities, warehouses, manufacturing plants, or office buildings. It is possible to have it customised to meet your company’s branding and architectural style requirements.

Getting Up and Down with Appropriate Staircases

The staircase design depends on the design of the particular type of floor and whether for industrial, retail, or office application. You can rest assured that we offer several options and guidance in the selection of staircases.

In Conclusion

With several factors to consider, it is best to get professional help from the start. View our range of completed mezzanine floors and get in touch for expert assistance.

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