An Effective Mezzanine Floor Design

Running out of space in your industrial building? There is a simple and cost-effective way to fix this problem by installing a mezzanine level in your building. A mezzanine floor is a temporary floor that is usually installed between the floor and ceiling of a tall warehouse-like building, granting more floorspace and utilising building volume that has not been usable up until this point. You can do whatever you want with the extra space and your daily working routine in your building will not be hampered by a space shortage anymore. The design of a mezzanine floor is so simplistic that it can be applied to various market sectors and industrial settings with ease.


The Basic Mezzanine Design

Due to the temporary nature of mezzanine floors, the design is simple, so these floors can easily be removed once they are no longer necessary. As a result, the design is very elementary, with steel frames being installed first to ensure excellent integrity and ensuring that the mezzanine level will be able to strong enough to bear the anticipated load. Usually, these frames would need to be supported from a wall instead of the floor below, leaving more than enough usable space below the structure. Once the steel frame is in place, the floor, normally made of wood, will be placed. Other materials can also be used for the floor surface, leaving some options for you to specify a floor that meets your needs. A simple staircase usually grants access to a mezzanine level, making it function like any regular additional level in your building.

One of the most important aspects of a mezzanine design is the layout. As with drywalls, a mezzanine level has a standardised design that can be customised to suit the environment where it is installed. This leaves you with a design that fits your building like a glove. Although the structure is temporary in nature, it can also be used as a permanent feature in your building, providing permanent floorspace for various functions.

The simplistic design of a mezzanine level means that it can be used in many commercial and residential applications, enabling some commercial shopping outlets to make use of a warehouse building as their shop. As a result, these shops have huge open areas for display racks and storage, implementing mezzanine levels to grant even more space for product displays, offices, or simply extending storage space within the building. In terms of residential applications, these floors are not commonplace due to their industrial design, but this does not preclude residential use.

Do not let the simplicity of mezzanine floor design fool you. It holds numerous benefits for your building and your business. If you are interested in installing one of these floors in your building, Avalon Steel Projects is where you will find what you need. Feel free to peruse our website for more information or contact us directly with any enquiries. Stop wasting open space in your warehouse buildings and take full advantage with mezzanine levels that offer a cost-effective solution to granting more floorspace in your building.

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