Your Questions Answered about Avalon Steel Projects’ Custom Steel Structures

Need a customised steel structure? Then you have come to the right place. As a proudly South African firm, we specialise in the planning, design, fabrication, and erection of engineered custom-designed and pre-fabricated steel structures for the industrial, commercial, architectural, and mining sectors. As one of the leaders of custom steel structures, we have answered the top most-asked questions about our custom steel structures below.

What applications can custom steel structures be used for?

Limited only by your imagination, our custom steel structures can be used for a wide range of applications, such as aircraft hangers, bars, barns, boat, cafés, lockers, carports, churches, factories, farm sheds, garages, gyms, studios, offices, restaurants, shopping centres, warehouses, and workshops.

What is the timeframe for a custom steel construction project?

A popular question asked time and again: what is the time required to erect a custom steel structure? From planning and design, to building, and delivery, when you order one of our custom steel structures, you get to work closely with our engineers and builders. Designed to meet engineering specifications and local code requirements, a steel construction project can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the size of the steel structure. We will deliver a structure that has an attractive, economical, functional, and unique design, erecting it with precision and expertise, and ensuring that your project is completed on schedule and on budget.

Who will handle the permits and codes?

Placing a steel structure on any property requires permits and compliance with building codes. Unfortunately, dealing with South African municipalities and inspectors can be frustrating, especially if you do not have plans, or understand the requirements and methods for obtaining the necessary building permits. A civil engineer designs our structures, and we build to your local building codes, using certified materials to ensure that your structure meets the industry benchmarks and requirements.

What are the benefits of steel over wood?

Being particularly economical to buy, cost-effective to erect, and easy to maintain, custom steel structures are a brilliant long-term investment. Unlike wood, steel is tough and maintains its structural integrity for life. An excellent choice for construction, steel will not crack, decay, twist, swell, warp, shrink, or deteriorate the way a wooden structure inevitably will over time. Offering greater design flexibility, steel is also cost-efficient, energy-efficient, versatile, durable, and fire-resistant. Standing up to just about any disaster, with little danger of fire damage, steel structures are not risky to underwrite. 100% recyclable, steel is also much kinder to the environment. Simply put, the best building material for any construction project is steel and it can actually save you money, year after year.

We Can Assist You in Building the Steel Structure You Need

Providing a high level of knowledge, experience, professionalism, customer service, and support throughout the entire design, manufacturing, and installation processes Avalon Steel can do any job, big or small. For more information regarding our custom steel structures, contact the experts today.

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