The Use of Construction Steel

Steel is favoured as a great metal for many construction projects. The use of construction steel has become a common practice. It is used extensively in the house building industry and other residential building sectors. One of the many reasons for this is that steel is one of the most durable of metals and can withstand extreme weight loads.

That is why at Avalon Steel Projects we only use the best steel in all construction projects that we undertake. This is also the case with the manufacturing of our mezzanine floors. Our mezzanine floors are in very high demand because we are one of the biggest suppliers of quality floors and make our products available at extremely competitive prices.

Mezzanine floors are built for office spaces that are looking for extra storage or office space. The construction steel beams used by Avalon for our mezzanine floors are designed in such a way that they are cantilevered over the floor, and leave any floor space open underneath them. The steel that we use is of the highest quality which ensures that these floors can withstand quite a lot weight.

Avalon’s steel structures do not just stop at mezzanine floors, we have already completed a great number of steel construction work. We are able to erect full steel structures for buildings as well as carports for residential and commercial areas.

One of the reasons behind the incredible popularity of our construction steel structures is that our experts devote their time and effort into each of the steel structures. We make sure that when construction steel structures are built, it is done the most effective way, thus ensuring complete satisfaction of our client with regards to their carport, mezzanine floor or any other steel construction.

We have always been of the firm belief client should be able to make the most of the safe space that is in between the boundaries of the steel construction. One of the ways in which we create safe space boundaries is by using stimber steel framing.

What is Stimber Construction Steel?

What makes stimber construction steel so ideal for most projects is that instead of a single beam, you have a beam that is reinforced with other bits of steel from the inside of the frame. Stimber can be used for mezzanine flooring, carports and many other steel constructions.

The reason for this is the fact that it can stand on its own. This means that when erecting carports and mezzanine floors, we are able to do it in such a way that the entire space can be utilised underneath these structures without any cross-beams which would limit the space.

This is important in office spaces that may be very confined. It makes it possible to use mezzanines floors as added office space or you can get smaller mezzanines that are used strictly for storage purposes. Mezzanines are able to withstand a heavy load and therefore are great for many purposes.

Not only can they be used in offices, but if you want to save building costs in your own home, it is possible to make use of cantilevered floors hence you have high ceilings to accommodate the floors.

If you are looking for a cheap and effective way to increase office space or if you are looking for reliable and safe parking space, then call Avalon Steel Projects and we will provide you with all the information needed to make an informed purchasing decision. Our construction steel structures are of the highest quality and we are confident that we it will far exceed all your expectations.

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