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The Options are Endless when You Choose Our Mezzanine Floors


Are you in need of some extra storage space, but can’t afford the hassles and hefty costs of moving premises or investing in a permanent solution? A simpler solution awaits you as our client at Avalon Steel Projects, we can offer you quality mezzanine flooring options and solutions. Mezzanine floors, also known as intermediate levels, are a quick and easy way to maximise your space without the costs involved with a big move or more permanent construction. These mezzanine floors can be used for a number of innovative and dynamic uses.

Some of the top ideas of how you can utilise mezzanine flooring include:

  • Extra office space: One of the popular uses for these intermediate levels is additional storage space. As businesses expand and grow, more employees are often hired, and a bigger office area is needed. A semi-permanent level makes this an easy feat and enables everyone to have their designated office space. As your business develops, different departments can have their own office spaces.
  • A filing room: Anyone who works in an office knows how daunting the piles of paperwork can be. However, as overwhelming as it may be, it’s also impossible to throw them away and you often need to keep them on file for years. Enter the intermediate level and a newfound filing room. You can fit the level with filing cabinets for added ease, and this will free up office space and ensure that all your documents remain safely intact.
  • A cafeteria for clients: Another great use for a mezzanine level is to create a cafe or coffee shop for clients. If you have a lot of foot traffic coming in and out of your building, why not make some extra profit and start a small coffee shop? This could create a buzz around your business and encourage potential clients to make use of your venue.
  • A boardroom: A boardroom is an integral part of any business, especially if you host regular important meetings. A mezzanine level can be utilised as a meeting place and as a space to facilitate workshops, team meetings, and more.
  • A chill-out space for staff: An extra level could also be used to create a comfortable space for staff members. This will offer a relaxing environment for their lunch breaks and create a sense of community. Rewarding staff is a great way to boost morale and show them that they matter. In turn, they are bound to give more to the business because they feel appreciated.


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With forty years of experience under our belts in the steel construction industry, Avalon Steel Projects are the go-to solution when you need extra space. We’ve serviced a number of prominent industries, from architecture and mining to commercial and industrial. We pride ourselves on high-quality design and installation and can fit the extra level as and when it is convenient for you, even over weekends, to reduce the impact on business operations. We look forward to hearing from you and being part of your space-saving solutions!


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