Space Optimisation

When it comes to optimising the space in a warehouse or factory, it is paramount to ensure that every single centimetre of floor space is available and utilised. Identifying and exploiting new ways to create extra space within warehouses and factories has led to the development of mezzanine floor construction. As a result, buildings in the industrial sector have taken advantage of this amazing discovery for decades already, and it has proven to be so effective, that certain commercial applications have also become industry standard.

In the modern world, you are almost guaranteed to see mezzanine floors constructed in any warehouse, factory, or commercial shop, mainly due to the benefits of having extra floorspace. Although these floors are mostly used for extra storage space, they have almost endless potential. With a minimum level of obstruction below a completed mezzanine floor construction, you do not have to sacrifice big amounts of surface area to accommodate a new mezzanine level in your building.


Basic Mezzanine Floor Construction

Starting with the materials, steel is the popular choice for any strong, structurally sound mezzanine floor construction. Using steel will ensure that the new level is stable, strong, and steady. In the future, other materials may replace certain steel constructions and implementations, as has been the case with the vehicle industry, but for the potential present, steel has been one of the most effective and common materials used in mezzanine floor construction.

The structure of a mezzanine level uses one or more of the walls in a building as a stable base to lean on or push against. The original steel structure is very simplistic and easy to build, making the construction of any mezzanine floor versatile and adjustable, should there be a need for it. Once the initial structure is finished, the floor is installed on top of the steel structure, resulting in a smooth and brand-new surface area. This surface area can be made of any material, with certain ones being favourite choices for the specific industrial sectors. Often, certain types of pressed wood are a popular choice.


Initial Benefits

The construction of a mezzanine floor is very simple in nature, which makes the level very versatile. Mezzanine levels have been implemented in a multitude of different ways over time, and can be ideal for extra storage space, office space, workshop space, and even shopping display areas in the commercial sector. Sometimes, the construction of mezzanine floors can mean a full new level is available, instead of just some extra space against one of the walls, giving the building much more usable room. The biggest benefit is that the new level is temporary in nature, meaning that you have the option to relocate, or completely remove your mezzanine floor.

At Avalon Steel Projects, we can provide you with professional mezzanine floor constructions for your industrial and commercial buildings. Should you want more information, feel free to peruse our website, or contact us directly to learn of the endless benefits of having some much-needed extra space that can be relocated or removed according to your wants and needs. Choose Avalon Steel Projects today, and ensure that you have enough room to be productive.

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