The advantages of mezzanine flooring

The Advantages of Mezzanine Flooring

Companies use warehouses and storage facilities to house their stock and material pallets. These buildings would normally feature an open floorplan to minimise or eliminate any necessary vertical support that would take up floorspace. To accomplish this, the roof structure is higher than it would normally be, creating a large void between the ground level and the roof itself. This is where the advantages of mezzanine flooring come to light. When such a facility runs out of useable floorspace, most businesses would start looking for a bigger facility. With us on your side, there is no need for that.

At first glance, it is difficult to imagine that the voided vertical space between the floor and the roof can be used at all. However, by installing some mezzanine flooring, that voided space turns into extended floorspace for your facility. The advantages speak for themselves, as the increased floorspace can be used in any method you see fit. Whether you want to extend the workspace within an industrial workshop, create more storage space in a warehouse, or simply add some offices, an intermediate level can be used for all of those and more.

Creating Semi-Permanent Floorspace

The advantages of mezzanine flooring start with their semi-permanent nature. These structures are installed in such a way that they can be relocated or removed once they have served their purpose. Our solution includes limiting the use of vertical support that would diminish the floorspace underneath these structures. Therefore, you can be assured that access and overall space will still be intact when we install an intermediate level for your facility. Once you do not need the extra floorspace anymore, the levels can simply be removed from your facility.

Accessing mezzanine levels can be done through stairs, ramps, or ladders. This depends on the type of facility. Stairs will be fit for offices, while ramps will be ideal for warehouse machinery, such as forklifts and pallet trucks. Ladders will minimise the amount of space required to gain access to the intermediate level and can be a solution for workshops. Flooring options include installing a complete level or only adding portions against open walls. The advantages go both ways, delivering extra floorspace that fit within the confines of the facility. However, if these confines do not allow for intermediate levels, we can assist in creating more vertical space as well.

Commonly, the roof structure of warehouse-type buildings features a steel structure that can be lifted. By extending the vertical support on the outer edges of the facility, we can lift the roof to create more vertical space. This extra space can be filled with mezzanine flooring to extend the available floorspace in your facility without having to knock down a single wall. Therefore, the advantages of intermediate levels allow for access to more space in your facility, with a minimum amount of effort or alteration to your building.

Avalon Steel Projects offers mezzanine flooring, steel structures, and roof lifting solutions for your business. Take advantage of our solutions today and create more space in your facility without the need to relocate. For more info, please browse our website for details on our available services. Optimise the available space in your building with us on your side.

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