The Advantages of Installing Mezzanine Flooring

Space is a precious commodity, whatever industry you’re in. From warehouses to retail outlets, all companies have the need for more space. Warehouses and storage facilities often maximise their available floor space by creating taller pallet stacks. Retailers stack shelves to create more shelf space for more products. Although these solutions create more useable space, there is a better alternative that would result in more available space. Mezzanine flooring offers many advantages that your facility can benefit from. Here is what you can expect when considering the possibilities that this innovative flooring offers.


Introduces An Additional Level

Mezzanine flooring can be installed to create another level in any facility as long as there is enough vertical space for it. Typically, warehouses have open-floor designs that don’t require any vertical support from the ground level to the roof. This leads to a very tall roof structure, which creates the necessary vertical space for an intermediate level to be erected. one of the biggest advantages of installing an intermediate level in such a facility is a completely new space that can be used for a variety of applications.


Semi-Permanent Structure

All the mezzanine floors that we install are semi-permanent structures. Therefore, once the structure has served its purpose, it can be relocated to another area in the facility or completely removed. However, if the intermediate level works well, it can also act as a permanent structure. As a result of this diversity, you are in charge of when and where to utilise your intermediate level. If you want to utilise the space for something else down the road, you can simply relocate or remove it. This is one of the notable advantages of using semi-permanent structures.


Allows You to Utilise the Free Space

Once mezzanine flooring is installed, you can use the space for whatever your facility requires. Some storage facilities require offices. By installing an intermediate level, you can create the necessary area for offices and cubicles. The extra space can also be used to extend the available storage space. Within a retail environment, extra space means more room for extra shelves. The possibilities and advantages are in your hands. By using the newly created space to the benefit of your business, you can ensure that your facility has everything it needs to flourish.


No Vertical Space? No Problem!

We understand that some warehouses have roof structures that are too low to install mezzanine flooring. Luckily, we also specialise in custom steel structures. We can assist in roof-lifting solutions to create the necessary vertical space in such a facility. Therefore, you can add an additional level and create the space that you need without having to relocate to a different facility. Now, you too can take advantage of the various benefits of installing an intermediate level in your facility.

Avalon Steel Projects is your first choice regarding mezzanine-flooring installations for your facility. We also offer roof-lifting solutions to ensure that you have enough space to work within your warehouse. If you’re interested in making the most of your space and enjoying the multiple advantages of intermediate level installation, give us a call today! Take control of the available space in your facility with our innovative solutions.

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