Why use structural steel in construction

5 Reasons to Use Structural Steel in Construction

Structural steel offers several advantages when it comes to construction and opens up a whole world of newfound possibilities in the realm of design. Structural steel is a hugely durable material, making it a popular option in the building and construction world. Here at Avalon Steel Projects, we pride ourselves on being in the know when it comes to all things steel. Here we explore five reasons to utilise the benefits of this precious resource.

5 reasons to utilise the benefits of this precious resource:

1) Optimal Safety:

One of the key perks of this amazing material is the safety component. When it comes to construction, safety is paramount and is one of the first things that any builder will consider. This material has numerous safety features, including the fact that it is non-combustible and will not spread flames or ignite. It’s also resistant to rust or any corrosion and won’t shatter in the event of extreme movement, and is not prone to mildew or mould. These impressive safety features make it a super robust material, well-suited for large-scale building projects.

2) Reduced Costs:

Since steel can be prefabricated, construction time is diminished. Since time equates to money in the modern business world, this also reduces the costs involved when it comes to construction. With a shorter construction schedule comes fewer expenditures on the project as a whole. Since big construction projects are often costly affairs, every cost-saving helps.

3) Adaptability in the Future:

Another amazing benefit of structural steel is the adaptability factor. These structures can expand in various ways whenever you need them, whether upward or to the sides. Moreover, structures can be reconfigured as needed, making them flexible and open to adaptation whenever the need arises. This means that your structure can change and reconfigure down the line to suit new projects and applications.

4) Resilience and Strength:

Despite its adaptability and lightweight nature, structural steel is also super durable and robust. It can withstand the harshest of elements, making it an excellent choice when it comes to construction. This material is also able to resist buckling, warping, and distortion under the heaviest of loads.

5) Great Sustainability:

Another perk of this impressive material is the sustainability factor. It contains a large amount of recycled material yet never loses its strength. The process of making steel also uses little water, and the industry as a whole has continuously worked towards reduced carbon emissions. 

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