Mezzanine floor construction - 4 things to consider


4 Things to Consider When it Comes to Mezzanine Floor Construction

Mezzanine floor construction is popular in residential and commercial settings, making the most of empty vertical space to offer additional room. Mezzanine floors can be used for a variety of things, from more offices right through to extra storage levels. The benefits of opting for mezzanine floor construction are ample. Not only can they be erected swiftly and thus offer extra space fast, but since they are a semi-permanent solution, they can be dismantled when needed.

They also have the cost factor on their side, boasting greater affordability than permanent construction options. As an added bonus, if you do decide to move in the future, you can use the existing materials if the new space allows another level.

When it comes to mezzanine level construction, engineers and installers must consider the following 4 features:

  • Ventilation:

Since hot air rises, these levels can get warm if proper ventilation is not considered. Happily, qualified teams will consider this when planning your design and part of the construction process will entail installing adequate ventilation systems. This will keep the extra level cool in those hot summer months and warm enough during winter.

  • Lighting:

Lighting is essential to any mezzanine level, primarily if it is being used as an office. While some buildings will have natural light sources and high-rise windows, others will need some additional lighting. Here, you can also decide on light switch placement, with many choosing to install light switches on the bottom floor for added ease.

  • Safety:

Safety is paramount when it comes to the construction of these floors. Safety features could include handrails, smoke alarms, security alarms, and wire mesh. Before installation, we will chat with you about your safety requirements to ensure they are all met once construction finishes.

  • Accessibility:

Construction is all about meeting your unique needs. If your additional level is being used for an extra office or client reception, it may require wheelchair access. This can be arranged during the planning process to ensure accessibility for all.

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As a family run enterprise with over 60 years of collective experience in structural design, we are well-versed in all things construction. We pride ourselves on quality work and materials, and all our technicians, including boilermakers, painters, mechanics, and drivers, are well-respected professionals within the industry. We bring integrity, outstanding service, and excellent manufacturing and installation skills to every job. Give us a call on 082 561 4629 or send an email to Whether you are in need of a mezzanine floor, other steel structures, or roof lifting services, we are the team for the job, and we look forward to working with you.

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Why get a Mezzanine as a Space Solution?

Mezzanines are commonly used in both residential and commercial spaces to create additional usable floor area without the need for a full-scale expansion or construction of a new building.

Key Points on Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor, also known as an intermediate floor or a raised platform, is a semi-permanent structure that creates an additional level between the existing floor and the ceiling of a building

Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring

Avalon Steel projects is a frontrunner in the mezzanine industry. We believe that we can equip you with a floor space like never before, you will have extra space to use as storage, office, or retail space.

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What is a mezzanine floor?

This is a free-standing structure that is made from steel. The purpose of a mezzanine is to act as an intermediate floor between the base and the ceiling of a building. In particular, this usually covers one specific area of a building or warehouse rather than the...
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