4 Fantastic uses for mezzanine levels


Uses for Mezzanine Levels 

Mezzanine levels are specialised semi-permanent structures that give offices, homes, warehouses, and factories extra space. By making the most of empty vertical space, they save businesses a great deal of money.

These intermediate levels are quick to install and cost-effective, and they can be used for various purposes. Rather than spending a great deal of money on hefty moving costs and new deposits, and losing money due to closed business operations while the move takes place, choose a mezzanine level. These dynamic flooring solutions work well in both commercial and domestic settings. As a bonus, their semi-permanent nature means that they can be dismantled if needed and reinstalled.

If you have been considering a mezzanine level, the uses are plentiful. Mezzanine levels can be used as:

  • Storage Space for Documents: Many businesses, especially in the accounting, legal, or educational sector, are inundated with paper. While the modern world is slowly becoming more paperless, some documents (especially legally binding ones where a signature is needed) might never go out of fashion. As a result, many businesses have cabinets and shelves filled with those all-important documents. As the business grows, so does the paperwork. You can transform a mezzanine level into an extended filing room. Line the walls with cabinets and drawers and keep those all-important papers safe and secure.
  • Extra Warehouse Shelving: Mezzanine levels are popular in industrial settings, especially in warehouses. They serve as a fantastic storage solution and can be fitted with shelves to maximise space. Rather than letting empty space go to waste, utilise a mezzanine level to save space, tidy the warehouse floor, and keep products safe.
  • As a Welcome Area for Guests: Sometimes, mezzanine levels are used as social spaces, such as a welcome room for clients. Add comfy sofas, a coffee machine, and some coffee table books to create an inviting space for potential customers. This can also be a great place to host those all-important meetings or brainstorming sessions.
  • A Boardroom or Staff Zone: Another great option for an intermediate level is to create a boardroom. This is a formal space where meetings, workshops, and training sessions are held. If you already have office space, why not create a staff relaxation area? Any business is only as successful as its employees, and this is a great way to show your appreciation and make them feel at home.

Chat with the Experts at Avalon Steel Projects 

If you are ready to extend your existing space, chat with the experts at Avalon Steel Projects. We are an enterprise with around 60 years of experience to our name collectively. We are well-versed in all things steel and construction, and would love to be a part of expanding your space and creating the perfect intermediate level for all your needs. Be sure to browse our gallery, view past products, and get in touch with any queries or questions. We will happily advise you on what projects and applications will best suit your budget and needs.

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