4 Benefits of mezzanine floors


4 Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine flooring or intermediate levels can enhance the space of your office building or home. These versatile levels are popular in industrial, commercial, and residential settings, offering ample space and affordability. They are also particularly useful in warehouse settings, making use of empty vertical space for additional storage needs.

Here, we explore four of the top advantages of choosing mezzanine levels from Avalon Steel Projects.

4 top advantages of choosing mezzanine levels from Avalon Steel Projects:

1) Increased Space:

One of the top advantages of choosing a mezzanine level is the extra space benefits. Mezzanine levels essentially double up your existing space by making the most of unused vertical space. This allows for fantastic business expansion and enables uncluttered working environments, better organisation, and potential business growth.

2) Avoid the Hassle and Cost of a Move:

Mezzanine levels are a great way to expand existing space without having to worry about the hassle and costs of moving. Moving to new business premises can cost a lot with regards to businesses having to shut down, moving costs, and hefty deposits. Mezzanine levels, unlike permanent construction jobs, can be installed quickly, and we can work around office hours to minimise downtime and ensure minimal profit loss.

3) Huge Versatility:

These levels also boast incredible versatility. Extra levels can be utilised for an abundance of uses, including extra office space, a boardroom for important meetings, a filing room, additional offices for staff, or extra storage in warehouse settings. You can even get creative and utilise these levels for a staff hang-out zone, cafeteria, or kitchen. The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to these extra levels.

4) Easy to Dismantle:

Another perk of these levels is that they are not permanent. This means that these constructions can be easily dismantled if you move buildings and subsequently reinstalled in your new premises. The semi-permanent nature of mezzanine levels makes them particularly useful if you are renting. Rather than investing large amounts of money into a property that is not yours, choose semi-permanent levels that can be dismantled when you leave.

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With over two decades in the industry, we are well-versed in everything related to structural steel design. We strive to bring professionalism and impeccability to every project, priding ourselves on exceptional design, manufacturing, and installation. Whether you need mezzanine floors, roof-lifting solutions, or steel structures, we are the team for the job. Browse our extensive projects and get in touch if you are ready to make the most of your empty space and create additional room. When it comes to our intermediate floors, safety is guaranteed thanks to our specialised (and patented) STIMBER lattice beam system.

These beams are lightweight and durable, ensuring great versatility when it comes to the column configuration. Our trained professionals will examine your space and create a bespoke plan to make the most of the available vertical space. We look forward to working with you and to finding the perfect design for your unique environment.

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