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3 Benefits of Choosing Mezzanine Floors


Chat with anyone who runs a factory or large corporation, and they are bound to mention the fact that they would like more space. Nonetheless, when people think about needing more space, they often think about the stress and trouble that come when you have to move premises. Moves are costly affairs, especially when it comes to hiring moving trucks and paying those hefty deposits, not to mention the disastrous consequences that can arise when business operations are impacted and production stops for the duration of the move.

For these reasons and more, many industries opt to make the most of their empty vertical space and choose to install mezzanine floors. These intermediate floor levels are the perfect solution for any company or office who need extra space but do not want to move buildings or close their business for the duration of more permanent construction work.


If you are interested in adding an additional, intermediate level for extra storage space, a kitchen, a boardroom, offices, a coffee shop, or more, then it is well worth reading about the key benefits of installing mezzanine floors:


  1. An Affordable, Semi-Permanent Solution: Since mezzanine floors are a semi-permanent solution when you need extra space, they are far more affordable than choosing massive reconstruction projects or expensive moves. Mezzanine floors offer companies a quick and easy solution to space woes without needing to break the bank.
  2. Better Suited for Those Who Are Renting: Since these structures are semi-permanent in nature and can be dismantled when needed, they are also well-suited for those who are renting. While landlords might not want you making permanent changes to a rental building, they might be more inclined to let you install semi-permanent mezzanine floors. Added to this is the fact that if you decide to leave the premises or your lease ends, you can take the mezzanine level with you. Thus, you will not be throwing your hard-earned cash into someone else’s building.
  3. Installation Will Not Hugely Disrupt Business: 3-be Massive building projects can put you out of business for weeks, and in this time, huge profits can be lost. Intermediate levels are quicker to install and result in less downtime. Here at Avalon Steel Projects, we have also installed a number of mezzanine levels over weekends. We will thus find a time that best suits your unique needs to not disrupt business.


Choose Avalon Steel Projects for Quality, Experience, and Durability

We are a family run business with over 60 years of collective experience under our belts. When it comes to mezzanine flooring, roof lifting, and steel structures, we are certainly a reputable company who have stood the test of time. If you are interested in exploring our range of services, then it is well worth getting in touch or browsing some of our projects for yourself here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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