How to Get More Warehouse Floor Space Without Relocation


Business growth often goes hand in hand with the need for more floorspace. But, having to divide product storage between two locations means having to address logistical problems, such as where to store which products, and having to employ additional personnel to manage the extra warehouse located elsewhere. The most affordable option in the long run is the installation of a mezzanine floor made from lightweight, but exceptionally strong and SABS-approved, Stimber steel beams.

However, before you get there, you have to determine factors such as how much disruption the installation of such a special steel beam mezzanine will cause to workflow, and how much it will cost to enlarge the floor space without having to move to another warehouse. The cost and disruption factors, in addition to layout, site surveys, and getting the required permission, must be compared to the costs of having to get an additional warehouse or having to move to a larger one, the rental of additional floor space, or the purchasing cost of another warehouse, the disruption that the move will cause, and more.

Determine the Current Space Usage

First assess the current space usage to determine whether you are using it efficiently. The warehouse space measurement should include aisle widths, layout of racks, walls, and exits. You need to consider the space taken up by pallet racking, offices, washrooms, kiosks, dress rooms, receiving areas, loading docks, and conveyors. Now think upwards instead of horizontally to get more space. You can gain additional space of between 20 and 85% simply by changing the layout and adding a steel beam-based mezzanine floor.

Evaluate the Way You Store Inventory

Determine the weight of goods, their sizes, and the storage methods used for them. Keep in mind that you must ensure that flow patterns are optimised. Flow patterns change over time and it is essential to plan for this when installing a mezzanine floor. By reducing the width of aisles and making use of double-deep rack placement, you can even gain more space.

Installation of the Mezzanine Floor

If you find that double racking, layout changes, and the like still don’t give you enough extra space, you will benefit from the mezzanine structure solution. It can double the available floor space and you can even add much-needed rooms, such as administration areas, more storage space, offices, or other specialist functions. Of course, you would have to link the mezzanine floor with the other areas of the warehouse. Fortunately, this is possible with installation of stairs, conveyors, and lifts. Indeed, it is even possible to lift the roof height before installing a mezzanine floor.

We recommend making use of our expertise and products such as our famous Stimber steel beams to create the additional floor space you need with roof lifting and mezzanine installation.

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