Why Stimber Remains Popular More than 30 Years Down the Line

The construction industry is a fluid sector, with new technologies and equipment revolutionising the way the world constructs buildings every day. However, when something works, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, as Stimber has proven. Stimber was first developed back in 1981, and it has remained a game-changer in the construction industry ever since. It is a versatile and lightweight steel lattice beam, and offers exceptional horizontal stability. It is ideal for use in long-span construction, and continues to perform well in many different applications. As testimony to Stimber’s incredible quality and durability, it is SABS-tested and -approved, and was a recipient of the Shell Design of the Year Award.

One application in which the use of our exclusive Stimber beam has revolutionised the construction sector is in the design of church galleries. There was a marked need for fewer column supports, which also leads to fewer lost seats beneath the gallery. Not only does these beams excel in this area, but the speed of erection also adds to cost efficiency and minimises disruption at the building site.

Partner with Us for the Complete Supply of Stimber Steel Beams

We manage the complete supply and installation of pre-manufactured building projects. Stimber remains a key factor in the construction of our structures. These trusses and beams make for constructions that are lightweight and easily erected, as well as incredibly cost-effective. We also use this versatile product to produce our popular, semi-permanent mezzanine floors to great success. One of the many reasons behind the popularity of our our Stimber mezzanine floors is their great lifespan. There is also a diminished need for vertical supports, if any at all. This automatically increases the available clear space beneath mezzanine flooring, keeping your space open and uncluttered.

Our teams are experienced in quickly and speedily taking care of the erection of the mezzanine floors, resulting in minimal disruption of your office and workspace activities. It is only one more way in which we continue to work hard at offering our clients the best quality service and solutions available on the market today.

Custom-Designed and Prefabricated Steel Structures

In addition, we specialise in the manufacturing and erecting of custom-designed and prefabricated steel structures, factories, warehouses, and shopping centres, as well as steel buildings and industrial process plants in and across Southern Africa. Our teams take care of managing the complete supply and installation of premanufactured building projects.

Thanks to our great buying power and leading position in the marketplace we are able to keep our rates as competitive as possible. This makes access to the best quality prefabricated steel buildings and mezzanine floors available to a greater number of companies than ever before. Let us help you enjoy even greater returns on your Stimber investment.

To learn more about our company, and for the expert advice and support needed to make an informed decision regarding your Stimber needs, speak to us today. Our team is always at hand to answer any questions, and we look forward to adding value to your business.


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