A Short Guide to Stimber Beams, Warehouses and Custom Steel Structures


Engineers and architects who design warehouses are often challenged by the various structural complications that arise throughout the design and building process. Things like weight and temperature changes provide constant challenges that have to be negotiated in the short, medium and long term. One of the biggest challenges is weight, and often designing for industrial clients presents a whole new set of challenges that they are not used to dealing with. Warehouses, in particular, have to be functional, safe and structurally sound for a long time. The structural engineer therefore has to approach the challenges that come with the design in a fashion that is multidisciplinary and with adequate understanding of the requirements of viable design with the materials used.

The design of new warehouses involves a variety of structural systems, which includes steel frames, concrete construction, masonry systems that bear loads, and tilt-up construction. Pre-engineered or pre-constructed industrial buildings are very popular because they are economically designed and construction takes a lot less time than building from scratch. Industry developments have created some innovative products to make design and construction easier, and to deal with a variety of challenges. One of these modern and effective innovations include Stimber beams, which was pioneered by Avalon Steel Projects in the early eighties.

Construction companies sometimes prefer using Stimber beams for warehouses and other structures because they deal with weight and support issues better. These beams are lightweight and the lattice beam design provides outstanding horizontal stability. Stimber beams are particular suited to long span construction and are a favourite for many reputable industry players. To ensure high standards, Stimber has been SABS tested and approved, and has earned the honour of being awarded the Shell Design of the Year. Stimber beams in warehouses tend to be coupled with trusses, and this ensures that the warehouse’s steel structure is easy and quick to erect, as well as very lightweight. In addition to this, they are highly cost effective and add great value for money to any steel structure project.

How Avalon Steel Projects Can Help

We specialise in the design and manufacture of high-quality steel structures for many reputable clients around South Africa. Our solid commitment to excellence ensures that we are always able to provide our clients with steel solutions that can be either standard or custom designed for any project. Customers are also able to choose a warehouse steel structure in a wide range of colours to suit their specific preferences, and as industry leaders, we are totally committed to the development of innovative and effective products.

As a family-run business, we have a vast depth of experience in the construction in the steel manufacturing industry, and our clients derive a lot of advantages from our experience and industry knowledge. We are constantly developing new products and we ensure that we always remain up to date with industry developments and ways in which to improve our products. Our list of esteemed clients includes small to medium enterprises, as well as large multinational organisations, and we deem no project too small or too large to take on with gusto.

For more information about our innovative Stimber beams for warehouses and other structures, contact our team, and we will provide you with the materials and the knowledge to build your structure with confidence.

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