Reasons to Choose the Stimber Steel Lattice Beam

Architects and engineers are now more challenged than ever when it comes to the construction and design of warehouses. There are many different aspects that must be considered in the design and build of these constructions – factors such as temperature may influence the performance of the structure and make it move as it expands and contracts. The weight of materials has to be considered and the supporting structures have to be able to cope with the load.

There are many other things that may influence the stability and the performance of the structure throughout the short to long term. A range of multidisciplinary design aspects have to be kept in mind, and there has to be a very solid understanding of the materials used and how the design of the building can be influenced by the performance of particular materials.

Steel structures are commonly used in industrial buildings and warehouses, and load bearing masonry, concrete structures, and tilt-up construction are also commonly employed to provide extra support and strength for the structure. Solid steel structures can be difficult to work with and can be heavy, and this is one of the reasons why Stimber developed their steel lattice beam – not only can it bear heavy loads, but it is also easy to install and can deal with a variety of structural challenges. During the eighties, these beams were pioneered and these versatile beams are still being manufactured and employed with great success today.

The Stimber steel lattice beam is specifically designed to cope better with weight issues and support challenges. They are relatively lightweight, and the steel lattice beam provides extraordinary horizontal stability. Many different heavy hitters in the industry prefer to use these beams for construction, especially of warehouses, and they are very appropriate for use in long span construction.

Because the Stimber steel lattice beam has shown incredible performance and high levels of reliability, the innovative design has won the Shell Design of the Year award, and in addition, it is also SABS tested and approved. Used with the trusses that are specifically designed for the Stimber steel lattice beam, these structures reduce the time it takes to build a warehouse and make it easy and fast to erect. Compared to other structures and materials, the steel lattice beam is also highly cost effective.

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