Mezzanine Floors – A Historical Masterpiece Fit for the Modern World


Mezzanine floors, also known as intermediate levels, are semi-permanent flooring structures that enable you to make the most of unused, vertical space. Strictly speaking, they are partially open to the floor below. Essentially, these levels allow you to expand your business operations and do so by creating a partial flooring solution. Mezzanine floors are popular in an array of buildings, from offices and warehouses to factories and even restaurants. They offer an affordable space-saving solution and ultimately diminish the need for businesses to move premises or halt their operations. Since they are semi-permanent in nature, they can be dismantled if and when needed and relocated if you ever decide to move premises. Our specialised intermediate levels are made with Stimber long-span beams, meaning that fewer vertical beams are needed. This frees up even more space underneath your mezzanine floors and enables you to make the most of the extra level.

Nonetheless, despite their ever-growing popularity in modern times, they have been around for hundreds of years. In fact, the first mezzanine levels were seen in the early 1700s, and they were often erected in the lower part of a theatre’s balcony. The word derives from the Italian term “mezzanino” and was a popular feature in both French and Italian architecture in days gone by. It was prevalent in royal and political settings and can be seen in various prominent buildings around the world today, including the Quirinal Palace in Rome, the Bilbao station in Spain, and the Palace of Versailles. Thus, they have stood the test of time and are certainly not going out of fashion any time soon.

NBCFC Johannesburg - Mezzanine Floors for Auditorium Gallery

Choose a Trusty Supplier for Quality Mezzanine Floors, Choose Avalon Steel Projects

When it comes to this superior flooring solution, the benefits are endless and include affordability, efficiency, a diverse array of uses, and minimal disruption to business operations. However, your mezzanine floors are only as good as the supplier that you choose to install them, and this is why you need to select a company like Avalon Steel Projects. We are a family-run business with approximately 60 years of combined experience to our name in the structural steel industry. We pride ourselves on quality design and installation and have installed various flooring solutions across Gauteng and its surroundings. Whether you need mezzanine floors, roof lifting solutions, or durable steel structures, we are the team for the job.

At Avalon Steel Projects, we will also happily work around your business schedule, and we can even erect flooring levels over weekends if that is better suited to your operational needs. We understand that every moment counts when it comes to business operations, and thus, we will try and make installation as effortless and non-invasive as possible. Simply give us a call on 082 561 4629 or send us an email at One of our friendly team members will gladly get back to you and advise you on what will best suit your individual needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your space-saving solution.

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