Mezzanine floors are a brilliant way to make use of empty vertical space. They work well in corporate offices, department stores, factory settings, places of worship, theatres, warehouses, and domestic homes. While mezzanine levels have been around for hundreds of years, their popularity continues to prevail. They are a serious money-saving solution to any business or enterprise that needs extra space but does not want to deal with the hassle or associated costs of a big move.


Since they are relatively quick to install, this means minimal downtime and fewer disruptions to business operations. As a bonus, the semi-permanent nature of mezzanine floors means that you can dismantle them and reinstall them if you ever do decide to make the move to bigger premises.

These mezzanine levels lend themselves to multiple uses, and this diversity is one of the reasons why they are in demand in multiple industries and sectors. Rather than opting for costly and permanent construction, many opt for the flexibility that they offer. Uses for a mezzanine flooring level might include the following options:

  • Extra offices for different departments
  • A filing office for documents and papers
  • Storage space for boxes and goods in factories and warehouses
  • A boardroom for those all-important business meetings
  • A kitchenette or cafeteria for staff or guests
  • Additional seating in a gallery or balcony area at a place of worship or auditorium
  • A hang-out spot or recreational zone

When you choose a quality team, such as Avalon Steel Projects, they will ensure a quality design that takes your unique space into account. This means that we will make the most of all free vertical space and design a level that makes the most of the area. Added to this, we are also experienced in designing, manufacturing, and installing galleries and balconies. This is a particularly useful service in buildings that seat many people and need extra seating space. These balconies and galleries are well-suited to places of worship, auditoriums, theatres, arenas, and stadia. Our highly skilled team will survey the building and then tailor-make a seating plan that optimises the space effectively, and they will ensure minimal disruption to existing seats. As always, we take your unique needs into account and create a bespoke plan that works for you.

Choose Avalon Steel Projects Mezzanine for Quality and Durability Every Time

With over half a century of collective experience to our name, we are experts in mezzanine floors, steel construction, and roof lifting. You can browse our impressive range of mezzanine floors and projects here and get in touch with us if you are looking to expand your space without the stress and hassle of a move. We have worked with important organisations across the country and pride ourselves on quality materials, expert knowledge, and superior design. As a family run business, we also believe in outstanding customer service, integrity, and clear communication, no matter how big or small the job. Get in touch today, and we will not disappoint.

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