Considerations Before Installing Mezzanine Flooring


Mezzanine flooring, also known as an intermediate level, is a great way to utilise empty space and expand your business operations. Flexible, affordable, and practical, it has become a popular option for many companies in recent years. However, the difference between a professional job that takes design and material into account and a shoddy job that has no inkling for design is noticeable and, at worst, dangerous. That is why it is imperative that you look to the experts when it comes to mezzanine flooring and the initial design.

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When you choose the specialists for mezzanine flooring solutions, they will always consider the following:

  • Safety Regulations: Arguably, the most crucial aspect of the installation and design process is ensuring that the mezzanine level adheres to safety standards. Thus, a qualified designer will analyse your premises and take into account various building regulations and safety protocols. In doing a safety analysis, they will then suggest multiple safety options, which could include handrails, steps, smoke detectors, and absolute structural integrity of the level.
  • Lighting: Any South African citizen knows how important light is, especially in the age of load-shedding and rolling blackouts. Fortunately, your mezzanine flooring designer will also understand light and can thus advise accordingly on where best to position the lights and make the most of natural light. This will include expert advice on what type of light should be used, where it should be placed, and how it should be controlled.
  • Ventilation: A quality installer and designer will also have an acute knowledge of ventilation. We know that hot air rises, and mezzanine flooring, when not installed by an expert, can get hot in those summer months. This is why you need to choose a supplier with extensive industry knowledge. They might consider thermal insulators, ventilation systems, or air-conditioning as a part of their design to ensure the ultimate comfort of employees and guests.


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The benefits of installing mezzanine flooring are undeniable. They offer an innovative way to drastically increase existing space and save you the hassle and costs involved in moving premises. Added to this, they are an excellent option for areas with tricky building regulations. Since they are semi-permanent in nature, they can be installed and dismantled as and when needed. This also means that you can take the materials with you if you ever do decide to move premises and thus, it is an investment you can keep and use again.

We understand that downtime can severely impact business and hinder operations, and this is why we are flexible when it comes to the installation process. If you want the job to be done over the weekend, we can happily accommodate you to ensure the least disruption to the business. If you are going to choose a flooring solution that works and adds value to your company both financially and professionally, then chat with us today. We look forward to creating the mezzanine level of your dreams.

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