Unbeatable Benefits of Avalon Steel Projects’ Mezzanine Floors


When it comes to maximising space and saving money, mezzanine floors are undeniably the best option for the job. Once used in warehouses alone, these intermediate levels are now a popular choice in offices, factories, department stores, museums and galleries, and even private homes. Mezzanine floors or levels enjoy historical prowess and for excellent reason. They have been around since the 1700s where they were predominantly used in the theatre. Three centuries later, and they certainly are not going anywhere anytime soon. These semi-permanent levels allow for additional space and guarantee the maximisation of your building. Here are four key benefits of choosing Avalon Steel Projects and our mezzanine flooring solutions:

  1. Make the Most of Your Space: The primary benefit of these flooring solutions is that they save a great deal of space. Since they are so versatile in nature, they lend themselves to a myriad of possibilities. Extra levels can be additional offices, a hang-out area for staff, a café or kitchen area, a boardroom, a filing office, and more.


  1. A Cost-Saving Solution: Since these levels are semi-permanent in nature, you do not have to make huge structural changes to your building. Added to this, opting for a mezzanine level means that you do not have to move premises in order to get some extra space. Moving costs and deposits, not to mention business downtime, can become a costly affair. Here at Avalon Steel Projects, we know how important every hour is to any business operation, and as such, we will happily install levels over weekends if needed.


  1. A Hassle-Free Solution: Making structural changes to a building takes a great deal of energy and time. When you opt for a semi-permanent, intermediate level, you choose a zero-hassle solution that will not take weeks to install. Since you will not usually need planning permission for such a level, you also do not have to spend months waiting for council approval.


  1. Flexible and Semi-Permanent: If you ever move premises or relocate to a larger building, you can dismantle the mezzanine level as needed and reinstall it. These levels are thus an investment and lend themselves to an array of buildings and spaces.


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Here at Avalon Steel Projects, we understand that time is money and that is why we strive to install and design mezzanine levels fast. We are a family run operation and specialise in structural steel. When it comes to design, manufacturing, and installation, we are the team for the job. We have approximately 60 years of collective experience to our name and pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, durable products, and first-class service. Clients can contact us and one of our friendly team members will happily get in touch. Give us a call on 082 561 4629 or send us an email at info@avalonsteel.co.za. We are also available for roof lifting and steel structures. We look forward to hearing from you and being part of your next project.


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